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10 alternatives to the "power parent" to follow on Instagram

Photo: Amanda Tipton/Flickr


The so-called mom-blog-osphere can be an amazing space, but it can also be an overwhelming one. The sheer volume of hip, gorgeous parents with their impeccably-dressed toddlers and homes right out of Architectural Digest is astonishing, and Instagram, with its ability to frame domestic bliss and add the perfect filter, is a popular platform for the so-called “power mom.”

A handful of parents are challenging the image of the idealized parent, documenting their lives in honest, sweet, and frank ways on Instagram, and giving us a peek into their own challenges, successes, and small victories – no filter needed. Check out our picks below for some alternative "power parents" to follow.


LaTonya Staubs | @latonyayvette


A photo posted by LaTonya (@latonyayvette) on

LaTonya Staubs, known to the Internet as LaTonya Yvette, is a Brooklyn-born stylist and mom to two gorgeous little kids. Her candid, honest, beautiful family snaps will charm you; her expertly accessorized outfits will inspire you to step up your game.


Jennifer Williams | @what_my_daughter_wore

Jennifer Williams of What My Daughter Wore documents the daily styles of her daughter and her daughter’s friends with beautiful hand-drawn line art, highlighting the individuality and creativity of this handful of Brooklyn tweens.


Rocky Rivera | @rockyrivera


A photo posted by  of  (@rockyrivera) on

Rocky Rivera is a mom, a musician, and an activist based in Oakland, CA. Her partner, Bambu de Pistola, often collaborates with Seattle’s own Prometheus Brown (George Quibuyen). Check her out for music updates, activism and community organizing, and (of course) snaps of her elementary schooler.


Erin Hagstrom | @calivintage


A photo posted by Erin Hagstrom (@calivintage) on

Erin Hagstrom’s toddler is probably better-dressed than most adults you know. Hagstrom’s beautifully-staged pics of her own vintage aesthetic are interspersed with precious portraits of son Adam – because we all need a little fix of toddler fashion.


Stephanie Zwicky | @stephaniezwicky

Swiss-born Parisian Stephanie Zwicky is not only mom to stylish toddler Lino, she’s a plus-sized fashion model in her own right. Her ‘grams will make you want to dress your little one with a scarf around their neck no matter the season – or hop the next flight to Charles de Gaulle.


Sherri DuPree-Bemis | @sdupreebemis


A photo posted by Sherri DuPree-Bemis (@sdupreebemis) on

Sherri DuPree-Bemis, member of the band Eisley, is mom to two girls, a toddler and an infant. She manages to bring honesty, levity, and cuteness to the rocker-mom lifestyle.


My Kid Can’t Eat This @mykidcanteatthis

Although not technically an account run by one parent, My Kid Can’t Eat This is a devastatingly funny account that documents the many meals that parents offer their kids that said children then refuse; everything from oatmeal to toast is up for debate.


Abi Porter | @vanillaandlace


A photo posted by Abi Porter (@vanillaandlace) on

Portland-based blogger Abi Porter documents sweet moments with her infant in minimal, lovely photographs.


Casey Carey-Brown | @lifewithroozle

Casey Carey-Brown is a genderqueer parent to six-year-old daughter Riley, whom she co-parents with Riley’s mom. Their family snaps and selfies are sweet and decidedly unpretentious.


Aubrey McCoy | @aubreymccoy


A photo posted by Aubrey McCoy (@aubreymccoy) on

Texas-based Aubrey McCoy is the bearded dad to four unbelievably cute kiddos. His candid snaps of family time and portraits of his wife (blogger James Kicinski-McCoy) are simultaneously aesthetically pleasing and incredibly heartwarming.

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