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5 of the best local chocolate chip cookies to savor

Macrina's chocolate chip cookie is something to write home about.

Photo: Macrina Bakery & Cafe/Facebook


The chocolate chip cookie might just be the cookie’s Platonic form. It’s a classic kid-pleaser, with the combination of crunchy, chewy dough and melty chips. These Seattle bakeries are serving up spectacular chocolate chip goodness; you might need to bring home a few extra, just in case.


Cafe Javasti

Cafe Javasti’s big, hearty cookies can easily feed two – or one committed cookie monster. 8410 5th Ave NE, Seattle, 98115


Specialty’s Cafe

Specialty’s offers more than a simple chocolate chip cookie: they’ve got a dark chocolate walnut, a semi-sweet chocolate chip, a simple milk chocolate chip, and an inverted black & white, with white chips and a dark cookie base. Check out one of their eight Seattle locations and one Bellevue location.


Honoré Artisan Bakery

Honoré’s chocolate chip cookie is wide, flat, and crunchy, but still manages to maintain a wonderful chewiness on the inside. It’s sprinkled with a pinch of flaky sea salt to top it off. 1413 NW 70th Street, Seattle, WA 98117


Macrina Bakery & Cafe

Macrina, a Seattle institution, offers up their Big Cookie in six stunning flavors; their classic chocolate chip is Olivia’s Chocolate Chip. If you're dairy-free, check out Mrs. D’s Chocolate Cookie, a cocoa powder-based double chocolate chip option. 1943 First Avenue South, Seattle, 98134


Cinnamon Works

The face-sized cookies at Cinnamon Works are hard to pass up. Nab one on your next stop at Pike Place Market. 1536 Pike Pl, Seattle, 98101

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