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5 tips to snap your kitchen into shape

It’s the time of year when your kitchen starts working overtime. Before holiday cooking heats up, take note of any pain points in your kitchen and implement one of these quick and easy fixes.


Give pots and pans their own space

Nothing stifles fun and flow in the kitchen like wading through precarious stacks of pots and pans to find what you need. In theory, it makes sense to keep these “like” items all together. But since pots are deep, pans are shallow, and lids are flat, it’s better for everyone to give each category its own space.

If possible, dedicate a specific drawer or shelf for each category. A shallow drawer or shelf works well for lids.

Photo: The Family Handyman

Photo: Indulgy

Or make a lid rack by mounting a small towel bar on a wall or inside a cabinet door. Just make sure your door has enough depth to close once the lids are in place.

Photo: The Kitchn

While pans are easier to stack than pots, why bother if you don’t have to? A simple, wire pan organizer delivers big on convenience and space.


Make platters and trays feel at home

Large, flat items like cookie sheets and platters often get stuck at the bottom of cupboards and drawers or in strange, out-of-the-way spots if you don’t give them a space that makes sense.

On a free-standing or cabinet shelf, place tension rods in two or three rows to create slots that will keep platters and trays both organized and readily accessible.

Photo: Hometalk

A less artsy but still totally functional option is a wire shelf organizer tucked inside a deep cupboard. If you’re feeling crafty, a dish drying rack can work surprisingly well for this purpose, too.

Photo: Organizing Junkie

Get smart under the sink

The space under the kitchen sink tends to be a wasteland for recycling, garbage bags, and old sponges. With a few smart supplies, you can make this space work for, rather than against, you.

One of my favorite uses of this space is to re-purpose basic office supplies to organize everything from aluminum foil to cutting boards. Just brilliant!

Photo: Listotic

Photo: The Kitchn

Go over-the-top with pantry storage

Over-the-door shoe organizers are one of my favorite, go-to space savers for a variety of household situations. Why not the kitchen?

Simply hang on the back of a closet or pantry door and fill the pockets with items you need to grab in a pinch. If you want to promote self-sufficiency at snack time, place kid-friendly items in the bottom rows for easy access.

Photo: Real Simple

Put a new spin on food storage

Most kitchens have at least one black hole where canned goods, spices, or other items tend to disappear. Lazy Susan to the rescue! Lazy Susans come in many different sizes so just look around for the right one (or two or three) to solve your storage woes. Pro tip: They work great in the fridge, too!

Photo Credit: Decor Chick

The best part is that all of these tips are truly easy and affordable to implement. Pick a few to get started on now and by the time the holidays arrive, you’ll be ready to entertain with ease.

Sara Eizen is a Seattle-based interior designer and home organizer with a passion for helping busy families reclaim style and space in their homes on any budget. In a bi-weekly column for Seattle's Child, Sara shares creative, fun, affordable tips and tricks for clearing clutter, sprucing up rooms with minimal effort, creating systems that simplify family life, and much more.

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