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Meet the parent: Sophie Hartman, mom of 2 (soon 3) busy girls, one with a rare disorder

Meet the parents: Thekla and David Richter (and their kids) love reading, singing and science

'What IF': Seattle author's encouraging, informative and funny take on infertility

This graphic novel by a local writer tells a personal story that’s encouraging, informative and funny.

When parents live apart: How to make the holidays happy for all

Co-parenting doesn’t have to ruin the season's merriment, as long as you’re willing to put your children’s joy first.

Parents' survival guide to Seattle Youth Soccer Association City Tournament

Meet the Parent: Erika Almanza Brown

It took me three and a half years to accept that becoming our daughter’s primary caretaker (I prefer this title than “stay-at-home-mom” because I assure you, we rarely “stay at home”) was something I worked hard to achieve alongside my spouse.

Meet the parent: Gabriel Rapier (Coach G), busy coach, dad and graphic-novel lover

Create new back-to-school traditions for your family

When flower children have children: a Seattle mom reflects

What growing up in a hippie cult taught me about parenting.

Meet the parents: Shannon and Tom Rayner's journey to parenthood via surrogacy

The Kirkland couple's experience is featured in a new PBS documentary about how Boise has become an epicenter of the surrogacy movement.

Meet the parents: Posey Gruener & Sarah Viars, 2 busy, loving, funny, exhausted moms

Teaching our kids when not to take something on faith

Just as we do for strangers bearing candy, let’s teach children to make good decisions when someone offers them an idea.

Thanks to the Kindness of a Stranger “Wuddy” is Home

There really are happy endings sometimes to the "lost at the airport" stories.

Middle-school survival strategies for kids with, or without, phones

How to help your preteen manage time spent on their electronic devices. And if you kid doesn't have a phone, you aren't alone — and neither are they.

How to keep parenting after a cancer diagnosis? With a lot of love

Caroline Wright found that while a lot changed, some things stayed the same. She'll be part of a panel discussion on the topic Nov. 9.

Founded by 2 women, LegUp aims to be your one-stop shop for child care

“Leg Up is all about convenience,” says Jessica Eggert, co-founder and the startup’s CEO. She knows from experience how hard it can be to find help.

'Ask the Pediatrician,' a newsletter for Seattle parents' questions about their kids

In partnership with sponsor Kaiser Permanente, our monthly newsletter tackles topics of interest to parents.
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