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Bill would require healthy drinks on kids' menus in Washington restaurants

Positive resolutions about fitness (and fun) for both adults and kids

Don’t even call it “exercise," just make it a thing you do together, as normal and essential as eating and sleeping.

Your family can help fight the flu; here's how

Join the Seattle Flu Study. You'll be helping science and getting access to valuable resources — and it's easy.

Tips for staying healthy during this holiday season

Cold and flu season often ramps up just as families are enjoying holiday fun and festivities. There are things you can do to try to stay healthy.

OCD in kids: warning signs, and how to get help

Here are some tips for recognizing when behaviors amount to full-blown OCD -- and resources for getting help.

It’s time for the family to get flu shots

Here's where to get your kids (and yourself) vaccinated.

Connecting with your tween: Tips from a pediatrician and mom

How to survive the eye rolls and door slams? Watch, listen and try to understand.

Gig Harbor dad/therapist designs sensory gyms for people's homes

Alex Lopiccolo's sensory gyms come in all shapes and sizes and help kids who benefit from therapeutic movement. Plus, they're fun!

Ask the Pediatrician: Anxiety, bedtimes, vaccines; answers to your back-to-school questions

Ask the Pediatrician: How can I help my child stay hydrated and avoid overheating?

Dr. Susanna Block also addresses vacation constipation and how concerned you should (or shouldn't) be about ticks and Lyme disease.

Beach update: Pritchard Island, Matthews Beach, Gene Coulon reopening for swimming

Exercise and Pregnancy

Tips for keeping kids safe when it's hot outside

Ask the Pediatrician: Tips for keeping kids safe in the sun

Q&A with a doctor about sunscreen and other ways to prevent sunburn in children.

Thinking of adding a new family pet? Advice from a health expert

Going boating as a family? Safety tips you need to know

It's National Safe Boating Week, but you should follow these guidelines whenever you're on the water.

'Ask the Pediatrician,' a newsletter for Seattle parents' questions about their kids

In partnership with sponsor Kaiser Permanente, our monthly newsletter tackles topics of interest to parents.
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