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Get help right away if your child is falling behind

Developmental milestones are tricky. There’s a sequence children go through as they learn skills, but they’re all on their own timetables.

How to find a high-quality preschool

The best programs have strong family engagement and emphasize learning through play.

How a 2-year-old learns and how we can help

Cheryl DiNovi, Birth to Three director at the Denise Louie Education Center in Seattle, says “all learning up through age 3 is through relationships."

It’s brain science, not rocket science

Love and interaction — not complicated techniques — nurture earliest learning.

Family Band Pig Snout!!

With Justin on guitar, Dahlia and Lucien switching off between drums and keyboard, and the three sharing vocal duties, family band Pig Snout!! churns out hard rock.

Empowering children to end hunger

Lois Brandt's new book 'Maddi’s Fridge' is one of the few pictures books to tell the story of childhood hunger. We talked to Brandt about food scarcity in Washington state and what kids and adults can do about it.

Learning apps that captivate

You can feel good about screen time with some locally produced apps that unlock the magic of words, nutrition and the final frontier.

Finding the happiness in the messiness

We caught up with busy mom Asia Citro to chat about life as a blogger and author and get her best tips for getting kids to play happily without a screen in sight.

The Seattle Times' LiveWire event makes the case for early learning

The inaugural Seattle Times LiveWire event brings together brain scientists, education experts and political leaders to explore questions about early learning.

Child-directed play: Helping your kids grow by letting them lead the way

Get out of the way and let them play: Child-directed play is the best way a child learns and grows.

Join the conversation: Preschool politics

Seattle Channel, Seattle CityClub and Town Hall Seattle host a free televised community forum about the future of early childhood learning

'A food playground for kids': Urban farming for Seattle families

Journalist and co-author of The Urban Farm Handbook, Joshua McNichols began gardening with a P-Patch back in 1996. He and his wife share their story on how they turned Ballard-area backyard into a garden wonderland.

​King County child care crisis

Child care in the Seattle area is in crisis. King County is one of the most expensive places in the nation for child care.

Baby’s brain and beyond: Brain-boosting tips from parent and author Tracy Cutchlow

Tracy Cutchlow read a lot of books on baby brain development. But in her newborn-baby fog, she couldn't remember what they said. She wanted an easy reference that focused on what to do and how to do it, so she wrote one.

I-LABS unveils online training

10 tips to help prepare your child for summer camp

Lessons from my grad

As her graduation day approaches, my daughter is a force to be reckoned with.
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