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A Healthier Family: Pre-pregnancy thoughts

OCD in pregnancy or postpartum: debilitating but treatable

For some parents, a new baby’s arrival comes with debilitating obsessions and compulsions, but help is available.

'Meditation playdates': The best of both worlds for parents and young kids

Parents learn how to practice mindfulness while their children are nearby.

Depression in kids: How to spot it, and where to look for help

A vaccine to prevent cancer?

Help your kids (and you!) handle the switch to Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Savings Time presents some unique "challenges" for parents.

Unsung Heroes: Tricia & William Hughes 'do so much for the babies in their care'

10 tips for keeping your kids safe in the Seattle snow

Facts about measles and vaccines, from a doctor (and dad)

Your kid wants to drink coffee: Is that OK?

You duck into a coffee shop with your children. But instead of a steamed milk or hot chocolate, they're asking for mochas and Frappuccinos. At what age is it not unreasonable to say yes?

Fitness classes and workouts that are kid-friendly or offer child care

Got a stressed-out teen? Seattle group offers mindfulness class for ages 14-19

2018 flu-shot guide for Seattle-area families

Important notes: There's been a change at Seattle Public Schools, which may mean new forms to fill out. Also, some kids will need two shots this year.

To protect kids, state updates rules on marijuana edibles

Sunscreen: What Seattle parents need to know

A mom's secret to scoring some 'me time'

Childhood anxiety on the rise, but why?

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