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A Nine-Year-Old and Her Dog Team Up for Successful Business

Nine-year-old Kayla was inspired by her Golden Retriever Tangle to start Brown Sugar Kids.

"What Do You Do with an Idea?" Protect and Grow It

"What Do You Do With An Idea?" is a kids’ book with inspiration for all

Sherman Alexie Talks About His First Picture Book

Sherman Alexie on why writing his first picture book "Thunder Boy Jr." was his toughest writing challenge so far

Old-Fashioned Wooden Toys

Westlake Woodwerk is whittling out classic wooden toys that your inner luddite won't be able to resist!

“Colorful Cities” Coloring Book Travel Guides for Kids - Seattle & Portland

These delightful book will have you seeing your town in a whole new way

We All Scream for Recess Monkey’s New Release "Novelties"

If you’ve listened to any of Recess Monkey’s previous releases, you know what to expect from the family-friendly rock band: energy, contagious enthusiasm and a penchant for puns and wordplay that makes every tune a fun time.

Review: In 'Sewing Happiness,' Seattle writer Sanae Ishida Finds Mindfulness in Simple Sewing Projects

Sanae Ishida blends DIY projects with mindfulness lessons in this sewing book that helps the reader learn to mend both fabric and their sense of wellbeing.

Get Your "Ticket to the Pennant"

A conversation with the local author of a nostalgic, baseball-themed children's book set in 1955 South Seattle.

Buy Nothing, get everything

The project that started on Bainbridge has grown to a worldwide community of sharing.

A kid-friendly taxi service rolls into town

Parents can cut car trips with Pogo app that encourages carpooling

Seattle ReCreative Gives Seattle Families a Creative Reuse Art Center

Seattle ReCreative is proof that art, fun and environmental awareness for kids can be combined.

"George" author Alex Gino leads book discussion at University Bookstore March 26

People think 10-year old George is a boy, but she knows she’s not. Her life is a series of endless intricate roles, as she acts the part of a son, a brother, a boy. She navigates bullies, boys’ bathrooms and everyone’s gender expectations on a daily basis. The problem is, that the acting is getting too hard.

StemBox, Science Fun Delivered Directly to your Doorstep

McAllister, a research tech at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, created StemBox after realizing what a huge gap there was for women in STEM leadership. Now there’s a monthly science box for girls.

Why buy toys? Rent the ToyChest!

Former preschool teacher Karen Whittier feels that young kids need ample opportunity to play with hands-on toys and activities, so she started a business to help make that happen.

Science teacher and mom Asia Citro picks 10 toys for building STEM skills

Looking to build STEM-skills while keeping kids happily busy at home? Asia Citro, a Seattle mom, author, blogger and science teacher, has 10 great suggestions.

Modern Boffin creates STEM kids' clothing

Tacoma-based Modern Boffin creates stylish STEM-related clothing for all ages to encourage a love of science.

Finally, science toys for girls that aren't perfume kits

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