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Fall is even sweeter with Canal Market's baking class series for kids & adults

Bake with your kids and take home sweet treats!

The Great Wallingford Wurst Festival brings brats and bands to North Seattle

Fantastic food; even better tunes.

Free burgers at Li'l Woody's for Seattle public schools teachers this week, and more strike updates

Free burgers for teachers, and a read-in staged by high schoolers.

Early morning excursions: Seattle-area coffee and breakfast open at 6 am

For the early risers among us, it can be tricky to find a place to swing by that’s open at oh-dark-hundred hours.

Back-to School Breakfasts

These great breakfast recipes will help keep your little scholars motivated.

Kid culinary maven Amber Kelley is whipping up kid-pleasing dishes with a healthy twist

Amber Kelley wants to convince your kid to eat cauliflower.

Seattle's Pure Food Kids foundation turns local students into food detectives

Navigating today’s industrial food system requires some CSI-like smarts if kids want to outwit savvy marketers and decode mysterious food labels.

Get s'more out of summer with Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

No bonfire necessary.

Raise a (root) beer at Fremont's Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest means beer tasting for you...and root beer tasting for the kiddos!

An unshakeable burger shack: Fremont's Uneeda Burger is serving up unique, great-quality hamburgers

Uneeda Burger, a self-proclaimed “roadside-style burger shack,” opened in 2010 in a converted auto and boat repair shop, and began to climb the ranks of Seattle’s favorite burger spots.

Adventurous eaters ahead: Seattle food writer Matthew Amster-Burton shares his wisdom

Seattle food writer Matthew Amster-Burton set out to raise an adventurous eater. He succeeded – mostly.

Joe to go (or stay!): Kid-friendly coffee shops around town

As a coffee mecca, Seattle has no shortage of spectacular places to nab a cup of joe – but many coffee shops aren’t particularly kid-friendly.

Food tastes better together for Island Soul restaurateur Theo Martin

For Theo Martin, owner of Island Soul restaurant in Columbia City, cooking is a joy for the whole family.

Meat-free and merry: This vegan family is making it work without animal products

It’s never been easier to go vegan with the variety and quality of dairy and meat alternatives now available.

Tiny Bubbles: 7 Places to Nab Boba with Kids

Bubble tea is one of life’s simplest, and goofiest, pleasures.

Some of the best kid-friendly BBQ in Seattle

There may not be scientific proof, but like magic, BBQ tastes even better in the summer.
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