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Teacher Tom gives kids a healthy dose of outdoor play

To this Woodland Park Cooperative School teacher, play, particularly outdoor, unstructured play, is a fundamentally important part of education.

A desire to give back launches a popular Seattle science, art and tech program for underserved kids

STEM Paths Innovation Network, or SPIN, hopes to create a more equitable playing field in the digital realm for low-income kids and kids of color.

Foster Grandparents provide old-school care for kids around King County

The Foster Grandparents Program has grandparents in 20 schools and community centers in King County alone.

Are babies a cure for bullying? This new program in Seattle schools thinks it's possible

A recently imported program from Canada is tapping babies’ power to teach empathy and curb bullying in kids in 85 schools in the greater Seattle area.

Seattle kids respectfully disagree in debate classes with local program DebateAble

Fourth- and fifth-graders might have something to teach adults about how to handle differing opinions.

Problem with your child’s school? Ask the education ombudsman

Got a problem with your child's school and can't seem to work it out with the teacher or principal? Check in with Adie Simmons, head of the Office of the Education Ombudsman

A new downtown school

Seattle Public Schools has built its brand around encouraging neighborhood schools — but it's been 65 years since residents of the downtown core have had one to call their own

Don’t think you can afford private school?

Kathleen Wareham offers guidance on choosing private school

An even higher level of play

An Edmonds family knows that both the costs and the payoffs can be sky-high

Get help right away if your child is falling behind

Developmental milestones are tricky. There’s a sequence children go through as they learn skills, but they’re all on their own timetables.

MathFest 2014

Here’s a simple equation; Elementary students + their families + an evening of games and prizes = FUN!

Lunch matters: Ballard mom mobilizes parents to protect a shrinking lunchtime

Deb ​Escher got upset and then she got busy.

Programming isn’t just for rocket scientists

Coding with Kids classes aim to advance students around Puget Sound, from the very beginnings of computer programming in early elementary school up to the higher-level computer science needed for the high school AP exam and beyond.

Girls gaining STEAM in technology

Go to any student robotics competition, and overwhelmingly, you’ll see boys behind the remote controls. As for technology classes, it’s no secret that girls are underrepresented, sometimes stunningly so. But go to any class in the creative arts, and you’ll find girls — lots of them.

Technology programs bridging the gap

Local programs attempt to expose more underserved students to the STEM fields.

Blended learning: Teachers become facilitators helping students drive their own education

Ideally, every student in a grade level would have similar learning needs. What is true, instead, is that students enter each grade level with completely different skills, strengths and needs.

Getting out from behind the screen

When children go to Cedarsong Nature School, there’s no such thing as staying inside because of bad weather. Actually, there’s no such thing as staying inside, period.
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