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In the fight for stronger gun laws, you don't have to march in the streets, unless you want to

The national group Moms Demand Action wants you, regardless of how much time or effort you can commit. We talked to a local leader about ways we all can help.

'I know you’ll always be with me': A daughter's tribute to a mom gone too soon

Remembering a life well lived, and a mom who will be missed.

Connecting with your tween: Tips from a pediatrician and mom

How to survive the eye rolls and door slams? Watch, listen and try to understand.

How to keep parenting after a dire cancer diagnosis? With a lot of love

Seattle mom Caroline Wright, found that while a lot changed, some things stayed the same. She found comfort in an online journal that evolved into a kids' book, "Lasting Love."

How to talk to your kids about gun violence, and tips for keeping them safe

A violence-prevention expert also talks about how we can join the fight for change.

This Backstreet Boy is releasing an album for kids, and it’s larger than life

Teaching kids to share: It sounds simple, but (ha!) it's not

How should we teach sharing to our kids, as citizens of both our family and the world? A Seattle mom tackles this issue thoughtfully and humorously.

Housing proposal ignores the needs and cultures of many Seattle families

'I never anticipated having to freeze my eggs at 27 years old'

A medical condition forces a single woman in her 20s to start planning for the kids she knows she wants in the future. Here is her story.

'The Mama-logues' mines motherhood for comedy gold

Running May 10-11, this seriously funny show makes light of parenthood and raises money for groups that help families.

Seattle's Child turns 40: still feisty, fun and full of news for families

One mom's mixed feelings about Girl Scout cookie sales

The cookies are delicious, the life lessons are important, but boy, this is a lot of work.

Seattle mom's book advises on things we'd rather not face, but need to

Chanel Reynolds of Madrona learned the hard way after her husband suddenly died. She's responded with a website and book "Get Your Sh*t Together."

​Starting over in Seattle: A single parent’s perspective

Seattle-area snow day survival guide for weary parents

Pause before you post: The downside of putting your kids on social media

Of course your kids are adorable and you want everyone on Facebook and Instagram to see. But don’t forget that when you put them online, you’re giving your kids a digital history and potentially exposing them to danger.

'We need more love': Seattle dad is touched by chat with stranger at store

After a pre-dinner trip with two inquisitive kids, a fellow shopper's compliment led to small talk and, eventually, happy tears.
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