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Washington state legalized pot; how has that affected kids?

It's almost time for school! Will your kids be ready?

Help! My kid wants to read 'A Game of Thrones'

Get the Grades on Your School

Seattle Preschool Program Expands

Training for Trump

What writer Claire Dederer learned from her son while hiking during the summer of ugly politics.

’Tis the season for getting neighborly

Building community is easier than you think

How to Talk to Your Kids about Climate Change

Cartoon polar bears and pikas help kids explore a changing planet

How to Talk to Your Kids about Tragedy

Don't assume that your kids don't know. Ask them what they've heard about events, and help them process it. It's OK to admit that you're feeling sad.

Dad Next Door: Monsters among us

When we accept and excuse immorality in men and boys, we endanger our daughters and debase our sons. They deserve better than that.

What’s dangerous for our families — and why we don’t really know

Humans, even us ultra-mindful parents, are mediocre at judging risk.

Dad Next Door: Superheroes in the classrooms

If we don't acknowledge and applaud the superheroes in our own lives they may disappear.

Down with the 'test-ocracy'?

Parents and teachers push back and opt out of Seattle Public Schools' new standardized tests.

Do I have to get up?

Seattle Public Schools is considering later start times for students in middle and high school

Documentary about sexualization of girls falls short

Darryl Roberts' take on the cultural sexualization of girls just isn't serious enough.

These grown-up goods are no good for kids

The growing popularity of e-cigarettes and marijuana-infused food products are making some children seriously sick.
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