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My birth story: 'For the first time, I had to surrender'

A writer describes for her son how, despite birth complications, "I was so focused on one thing — you! — that a complete calm enveloped me ..."

Meet the parents: Shannon and Tom Rayner's journey to parenthood via surrogacy

The Kirkland couple's experience is featured in a new PBS documentary about how Boise has become an epicenter of the surrogacy movement.

Twins? Triplets? Seattle group offers special support to parents of multiples

Seattle Families of Multiples helps new parents face the exponential challenges of life with twins.

Bringing baby home: Navigating new parenthood with your partner

Your relationship with your partner will stay exactly as it was before baby, right? Sure, that's possible. But the truth is that a new baby puts pressure on even the best relationship.

Find your tribe: (New) parent groups, classes and workshops

Online and in-person, there are other parents all over the city who are feeling what you’re feeling, loving what you’re loving and hating what you’re hating — right this very minute. Find them. Embrace them. Join their groups.

New Seattle service exchanges your kids' outgrown clothes for new things they need

For $19.99 a box, you get 8 to 12 handpicked pieces for your child — delivered to your door, at which time they'll also pick up outgrown but reusable items of yours.

VBAC your way

It's about feeling empowered.
Many mothers can feel disenfranchised, unheard, traumatized, even terrified, as they consider the birth of another child after a cesarean section. Sharon Muza wants to change that.

Phinney Ridge mom turns baby keepsakes into frameable art

The Phinney Ridge mom behind Pokidots turns outgrown baby clothes into frameable art

To the head of the class: Childbirth classes help prepare you for your new arrival

Attending a childbirth class gives parents an opportunity like nothing else in pregnancy. Check out these parenting classes offered in Seattle and around the Sound.

What she said: Local moms offer up the best and worst new parent advice they've received

The best and worst new-parent advice that local parents have fielded.

What the bleep is “natural childbirth” anyhow?

Birth mentor and doula Charlene Hamilton focuses on what she calls the “Baby Steps” of childbirth: When a need arises in childbirth, apply the appropriate resources, starting with the least invasive possible, and then work up from there.

Seattle-based breastfeeding resources for new parents

It’s easy to idealize breastfeeding as a natural, and therefore easy, undertaking. The reality is that breastfeeding is a learning process for both mom and baby, and it takes time and patience to get it just right.

To Pump or not to Pump?: Real Talk on Breast Pumping

The lowdown on breastmilk pumping.

5 best ways to bond with baby

What are the most important things you and baby can do with your time together? Brain science tells us they’re pretty simple. And, thankfully, they’re things we know how to do already.

What's in a name?

Is it safe for pregnant women to smoke pot?

Now that marijuana use is legal in Washington, some moms and childbirth professionals are hoping there can be an open discussion about its use to treat common pregnancy issues.

Flying while pregnant: Tips from a traveling pro

Seattle travel blogger Debbie Dubrow writes about traveling while pregnant from ample personal experience.

The diaper debate

The environmental ramifications of diapering are many. So it seems that new parents have yet another choice in the diaper dilemma: disposable, cloth or no diaper at all.

Help your kids (and you!) handle the switch to Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time presents some unique "challenges" for parents.

Resolve to help others: There are lots of ways to do it

Families of Color Seattle: 'Where parents of color don’t have to hold back'

The local nonprofit has groups to match the needs and interests of many new families, plus support to help them get there.

New Mom Dispatch: Confessions of a sleep trainer

Training baby to sleep means training the parents too.

Chef Herschell Taghap makes room for his most important new diner

(High chair) table for one, please

OCD in pregnancy or postpartum: debilitating but treatable

For some parents, a new baby’s arrival comes with debilitating obsessions and compulsions, but help is available.

'Meditation playdates': The best of both worlds for parents and young kids

Parents learn how to practice mindfulness while their children are nearby.

New parents need comprehensive care, not just lactation support

In addition to infant feeding care, parents need help with the myriad practical and emotional challenges of raising young children.

Unsung Hero: Lance Benson, 'The Diaper Guy'

Unsung Heroes: Tricia & William Hughes 'do so much for the babies in their care'

Open Arms: Seattle nonprofit supports mothers who need it most

Baby at the office: Here's how that can work

Companies in Washington state are leading the move to help families balance work and parenthood, to everyone's benefit.

Fitness classes and workouts that are kid-friendly or offer child care

'The miracle of it all': What's the same — and what's different — the second time around

When Baby No. 2 arrives, a lot of things rush back in a wave of familiarity

Books for when a new brother or sister is on the way

How to feed babies for stronger brains

When it comes to developing young minds, timing (and nutrition) is everything

New moms ease back into workouts (and skinny jeans)

Phinney studio specializes in maternal fitness

Crybaby Comforts rents baby gear

New Mom Dispatch: Decisions, decisions

Becca Bergman Bull weighs the value of limitless information, advice, and options as a new mother in the digital age. Discover how the so-called “tyranny of choice” is magnified tenfold when a kid enters the picture.

Beyond the Baby Blues: Seattle Mom talks about postpartum depression

Coping with the pain and frustration of postpartum depression — a Seattle mom talks recovery.

Moms-to-Be Rejoice: You Can Now Rent Maternity Clothes

Wear, return and repeat – it’s as simple as that

The Zika Virus In Perspective

Understanding the risks, calming the fears: Local experts address parents' concerns.

Become a Certified Baby Massage Therapist

New Mom Dispatch: The milky way

Breastfeeding isn't easy
There are many benefits to breastfeeding but in the worst of times it can be painful, frustrating, time-consuming and guilt-inducing.

New Mom Dispatch: Doubling down

It does seem to require a bit of temporary insanity to confidently say, yes, I'm ready for another baby

New Mom Dispatch: This is 2

There must be a special word in the parenting dictionary for feeling nostalgic about something while it’s still happening.

New Mom Dispatch: Vacationing with baby

Here’s some advice about vacationing with a baby: Lower your expectations
Here’s some advice about vacationing with a baby: Lower your expectations and go!

Get your car seat inspected for free

September 17-23 is Child Passenger Safety Week

These are the top baby names in Washington

This Calculator Will Tell You How Much Sleep You've Lost Since Becoming a Parent

Caution Ahead!

Calling All Knitters: Help Raise Awareness Of Shaken Baby Syndrome

The campaign’s aim is to create awareness for parents to help them understand they are not alone in feeling overwhelmed

Melinda Gates on Breastfeeding: “It's Natural, But It Sure Ain't Easy”

"The bottom line is this: Motherhood is a tough balancing act, and every mom deserves the chance to do what’s right for her and her family. If that means breastfeeding, great. If that means formula feeding, that’s totally fine, too"
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