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Bartell Drugs' immunization campaign encourages back-to-school vaccinations for kids

Photo: Carlos Reusser Monsalves


Seattle pharmacy and drugstore Bartell Drugs is reemphasizing the importance of pre-school year vaccinations for kids with a campaign to encourage immunization. Immunizations for MMR, varicella (the Chickenpox virus), TDAP, and flu vaccinations are crucial back-to-school vaccines that parents should ensure their kids are up-to-date on.

Bartell's VP of pharmacy operations and clinical services Billy Chow says that MMR, TDAP, and varicella are the three most crucial vaccines to receive before school begins, as they provide protection into adulthood. 

According to Bartells, the following vaccines are essential before kids enter or return to school:

MMR (Measles, mumps and rubella) – An additional dose of MMR vaccine is recommended for children between 4 and 6.

VaricellaVaricella virus, or Chickenpox. Like MMR, a 2nd dose is recommended for kids between 4 and 6 who haven't had the virus.

• TDAP – Pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus and diphtheria. After the infant series, a shot of TDAP vaccine is recommended for preteens.

The MMR, varicella, and TDAP vaccines are recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP); The CDC also recommends annual flu vaccinations for all family members. 

Kids and adults alike can get immunizations at Bartell Drugs locations around the Northwest. 

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