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Birthday Cakes Even You Can Make!


If you like the idea of baking your birthday child a cake but are scared off by pictures of perfect creations, let Seattle mom of three, Erika Bigelow, show you how. Below is the recipe for her Flower Cake. And be sure to check out her recipe for a Snake Cake. In the coming weeks, visit our website for her Digger, Worm, Castle and Fire Truck Cakes.

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Mom Tip: Fake flowers look best around the edges of the cake layers and stay in place better than real flowers. If you want to use real flowers to decorate the top of the cake, check online to find out which flowers are edible.


2 boxes of cake mix

Two 9-inch round cake pans AND

Two 7-inch round cake pans


Store Bought

2 or 3 pre-made frosting tubs


1-lb box powdered sugar

1 tsp. vanilla

¼- 1/3 cup milk


decorative ribbon

fake flowers

edible flowers for top of cake (optional)

wax paper

curling ribbon


1.To create the flower cake shown in the photo, bake two 9-inch round cakes and two 7-inch round cakes in your favorite flavors. Using a serrated bread knife, carefully shave off any dome on each layer so that the tops of the layers are flat.

2. Lightly frost between layers and then stack the 7-inch rounds on top of the 9-inch rounds. Frost the entire outside of the cake.

3. Before the frosting hardens, place a piece of decorative ribbon around the upper layers and another around the lower layers of the cake. The fake flowers can then be gently pressed into the frosting at even intervals around the cake. If you want to use fresh flowers on the top of the cake, place a small round piece of wax paper between the fresh flowers and the cake and put frosting on the stems of the flowers to stick them to the wax paper. Finally, curl short pieces of curling ribbon and wind them through the petals of the flowers.

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