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Teaching our kids when not to take something on faith

Just as we do for strangers bearing candy, let’s teach children to make good decisions when someone offers them an idea.

Bainbridge Island home is super green — and very kid-friendly

This local architect and dad built a Bainbridge Island family home fit for Mother Earth

My son is 18 and has autism. Will he be able to live on his own?

This mom literally has lost sleep wondering if she has prepared her son to seek support he'll need in adulthood.

Eden Hill Provisions: a French bistro that's kid-friendly

You might say fancy meets family at this new Queen Anne restaurant, the creation of a chef who didn't want to give up fine dining to go out to eat with his kids.

Harry Potter fans: You'll want to apparate to The Splintered Wand in Ballard

Local wizards are opening a magical pub and custom wand shop in Ballard. All ages welcome.

Finding the right preschool for kids in foster care

How do you help kids thrive in a system created without them in mind? A Seattle family learned that with a careful search and a lot of communication, it can be done.

Refugee students and families need our support: Here are ways everyone can help

Starting over in Seattle isn’t easy; how your family can make the transition kinder and easier.

#TakeBackPTA: What is this movement, and how will it help Seattle kids?

It's a call for the organizations to return to their original mission of advocating for kids, rather than well-intentioned fundraising that inadvertently exacerbates inequalities.

In the fight for stronger gun laws, you don't have to march in the streets, unless you want to

The national group Moms Demand Action wants you, regardless of how much time or effort you can commit. We talked to a local leader about ways we all can help.

We need to choose — or create — a culture of civility for our kids

How do we raise our children to be kind, thoughtful human beings in a culture that is not? We can affect our children’s culture in two ways.

'I know you’ll always be with me': A daughter's tribute to a mom gone too soon

Remembering a life well lived, and a mom who will be missed.

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