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Farmer Frog Grows Edible Gardens at Local Schools

Farmer Frog aims to curb child hunger by turning underutilized sites at local schools and in the community into environmentally sound, food-producing farms and gardens.

Kids in the Garden: Find the Right Plant and Task for Their Age

If you want your kids to love gardening, here are some ideas regarding both what to grow and which jobs to assign, at three different ages.

More Than a Walk in the Park: Six Public Gardens to Explore with Kids

There’s a public garden to suit nearly every family's interest, whether learning about urban farming, petting sheep, peering at beehives or meditating amid moss.

Rain Gardens 101

Rain gardens are so effective that in certain areas the city of Seattle and King County pay a rebate of about $4,000, to cover the cost of installing a rain garden.

How Do We Talk to Our Kids about Political Issues that are Stressing Us Out?

How do we keep our kids from getting anxious when we're struggling with our own fears?

Local 4-H club instructs city kids

Cooped Up in Seattle teaches city kids to raise chickens the 4-H way

Dad Next Door: Worlds Apart

Maybe the boy who got a bullet in his head isn't your kid, but that isn't the point. The question is whether or not he is OUR kid.

New Mom Dispatch: Face Time

Revised (and more realistic) guidelines about setting limits on screen time for young kids help reduce the guilt.

9 Hidden Places You Can't Miss at the Pike Place Market

Find the secret path to the rooftop garden, pay a quarter to view giant shoes, slurp a soda at the new old-fashioned soda fountain.

Young American Ale House is a Laid-Back Neighborhood Spot

A large wood-fired oven casts a cozy glow over the open kitchen, where kids can watch the chefs at work

Once Upon a Time is a magical shop atop a hill

Queen Anne store is both a great place to shop as well as a space for families to gather

Seattle Drum School helps kids find the joy in rhythm

Local musicians find value in letting children explore

Baby Jam invites you to jam out with your joy out

Drop-in music classes bring the beat in three languages

Daniel Pak's mission to share music

Increasing music programs in Seattle public schools and juvenile detention facilities will help amplify young people’s voices

Opera opens up

Seattle Opera welcomes students of all abilities and provides financial assistance to make opera accessible to all.

Symphony concerts for kids on the autism spectrum

"Sensory-friendly concerts” offer shorter, intimate performances designed specifically for kids ages 5 to 8 on the autism spectrum

Let’s talk consent

Kids too young to learn about sex can still benefit from early lessons about consent

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