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Fitness classes and workouts that are kid-friendly or offer child care

Got a stressed-out teen? Seattle group offers mindfulness class for ages 14-19

2018 flu-shot guide for Seattle-area families

Important notes: There's been a change at Seattle Public Schools, which may mean new forms to fill out. Also, some kids will need two shots this year.

What to do with all of that Halloween candy?!?

Consider these "give back" and "buy back" programs if there's just too much candy hanging around your house.

20+ don't-miss tips for a safe Halloween!

Has the legalization of pot made Washington kids more likely to use? No, but ...

Sunscreen: What you need to know

May is National Bike Month: Spin Your Wheels As a Family

A mom's secret to scoring some 'me time'

Childhood anxiety on the rise, but why?

How to Ask about Guns Before a Playdate — Even When We Don’t Want To

Learn to ask about gun storage just as if it were checking in regarding booster seats or allergies before a playdate at someone else's home.

Feeling gloomy? Tips for coping with SAD

Here’s how to recognize — and combat — seasonal affective disorder this winter

Tips to Keep Kids Safe this Holiday Season

The most wonderful time of the year can also be a potentially dangerous one for children.

A New Way to #OptOutside with REI This Year

Get ideas for where to #OptOutside with the kids on Black Friday usimg the new REI search engine.

A walking school bus promotes exercise and community connections

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