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Introducing 'Ask the Pediatrician,' a newsletter for Seattle parents' questions about their kids


Hey, parents: What questions do you have about your kids' health and development? Are you having food or sleep struggles? Trying to manage tantrums? Worried about your teen's acne?

If it's something you're wondering about, other parents probably are, too.

Send us your questions, and we'll pick some for our monthly "Ask the Pediatrician" newsletter.

Kaiser Permanente doctors will answer your questions and discuss other topics of interest to parents.

Got a question? You can leave it below in the comments field or email directly to jhanson@seattleschild.com. We'll pass them along.


We would be remiss to not remind you that "Ask the Pediatrician" is not meant to substitute for your relationship with your own family doctor. Your most serious questions should go to your health-care provider's office and, if you are facing a potentially life-threatening situation, call 911.


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