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Meet the parents: Posey Gruener & Sarah Viars, 2 busy, loving, funny, exhausted moms

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Meet Posey Gruener and Sarah Viars, moms to 16-month-old Oza Viars.

Posey is a producer for "Sound Effect," a fascinating weekly show on KNKX, a Seattle-Tacoma NPR member station.

Sarah is director of production at Henrybuilt, a luxury furniture and cabinet company based in SoDo. You can catch them strolling around Ballard or hear Posey on air Saturdays at 10 a.m. and Mondays at 7 p.m. on 88.5 FM. Read on for more about Posey and try not to get too starstruck reading this Q&A from our very own public radio personality! 

Where might parents run into you and your family in Seattle? 

We like to get out as a family on Saturdays. The Ballard locks are a favorite - it’s a great place to just watch the boats go by. On sunny weekends, we like to play in the sand at Golden Gardens or Carkeek. And we’ll go anywhere we can spot animals. Dog park? Aquarium? State fair? We’re there! On Fridays, we love the kid-friendly happy hour at Super Bueno. Margarita, please.

What do you find most surprising about parenthood?  

Everyone says it, but it’s true. It’s shocking to realize how much you can love a little person.

Favorite children's book? 

“I Want My Hat Back” by Jon Klassen. A bear wanders the woods looking for his hat, and then realizes it has been stolen by a crafty rabbit. Oza really enjoys the page where she gets to finger the culprit and say “YOU! YOU!”

What's the best bit of parenting advice you've ever received (or given)? 

Our family doctor suggested that when we faced tough parenting decisions we should ask ourselves “What is best for the whole family?” It was really useful in the early months, when it felt like we sometimes had to choose between our expectations for ourselves as parents and ... our sanity. Focusing on what’s best for the whole family doesn’t leave Oza out, or diminish her importance. It just makes sure she grows up as part of a happy, healthy family. 

What is something you're working on and could use help with? 

We are always trying to find more hours in the day, or energy at the end of it. We are two parents who both work full time, and we feel lucky to have a truly wonderful child-care situation, but we are still exhausted. Please send caffeine! Or, I don’t know, maybe a labor movement that acknowledges the realities of two-income families and values the need for care-taking across the whole lifespan. In the short run, though, probably just the caffeine.

Are you part of a labor movement that acknowledges the realities of two-income families and values the need for care-taking across the whole lifespan? Tell us how to get involved in the comments below. 

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