14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed's arrest reminds us that discrimination still exists


In case you needed a reminder: discrimination is still a thing in America. The arrest of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed is our latest example. The high schooler in Irving, Texas was taken out of class, interrogated by police, arrested, and suspended for three days for bringing a homemade clock to school to show his engineering teacher. When the device started to beep in one of Ahmed’s later classes that day, his English teacher insisted that he bring the device up to her. Using what some call a reasonable concern and other calls religious discrimination, she confiscated the device and reported it to school officials. 

I’ve seen the inside of enough computers to think of myself as a technically advanced person. If someone presented this invention to me, would I assume it was a bomb? No. Though I’m not a bomb expert and shouldn’t be expected to recognize many of them, just as we can’t expect an English teacher to recognize a homemade science project. She used her judgment and kept the safety of the students and faculty in mind.

The social media outrage has been over the handling of Ahmed and his arrest even after it was determined by police that the invention was, in fact, not a bomb. Ahmed has been vocal about his treatment and has been receiving support from many people, including the President. We can only hope that kids of different races and cultures are not discouraged by the debacle and that Ahmed will keep building. 

Ev Petgrave enjoys making her four-year-old girl take embarrassing photos, and when she’s not doing that, she’s writing, doing techy stuff, or traveling the world. 

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