Airline dumps mom with fussy toddler


It’s happened again. A parent with a fussy child was booted off an airplane. This time, it was Canadian singer Sarah Blackwood. According to several reports, her not-quite-2-year-old was crying loudly and squirming in her lap before takeoff. The child fell asleep, but the plane returned to the gate and she was asked to get off, despite the support of several fellow travelers.

What strikes me most about this isn’t that it happened. After all, it’s not the first time. It’s the mean-spirited comments about it that disturb me. “The business has to take the reins, since so many selfish, entitled Millennial parents [sic] buy into their specialness and the 'takes a village' crap by refusing to be considerate toward the rest of the world,” wrote one commenter on this ABC News report.

“Here is a hint keep your loud, stinky brat at home where it belongs instead of inflicting it on everyone else,” wrote another.

I was on a flight several years ago, and a young child was having some sort of meltdown. The flight attendants were trying to help calm him. As the crying continued, an older man several rows back muttered, “That’s just spoiled is what that is.”

Really? Why is that we can’t accept that life won’t be perfect? Why can’t we show some compassion? I get that listening to a screaming child isn’t fun (it’s worse for the parents, because they’re also worried about those around them). 

To be sure, there were people who supported Blackwood. But perhaps we could consider this a teachable moment and help model something we all could use in many situations: tolerance.

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