Free-range Saturday at the park


What are you doing this weekend? Or more specifically, what are your kids doing? For the sixth year, the folks at Free-Range Kids are sponsoring Take Our Children to the Park … and Leave Them There Day

“The way the day works is this: At 10 in the morning on Saturday, May 9, we take our kids to the local park (or they go by themselves),” says the Free-Range Kids post. “That way, with any luck, kids in the neighborhood who might not even know each other — different schools, different grades, different soccer programs — meet! When the adults say goodbye, it’s the kids’ job to come up with something to do.”

This year’s event is in recognition of the Meitiv family in Maryland, which is again in the media spotlight over how they parent their kids.

So is this leave-them-at-the-park thing a good idea, or just asking for trouble? Leave a comment on our Facebook post, or email

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