Health officials concerned over dropping vaccination rates


Vaccinations popped back into the spotlight starting late last year after a measles outbreak linked to Disneyland. And a Clallam County woman who died of measles this year was the first U.S. measles death in 12 years.

Against this backdrop, state health officials are concerned about vaccine rates that continue to drop, KUOW reports.

“It's a real puzzle for us why people haven't responded better to the news about this disease,” Paul Throne of the state Office of Immunization and Child Profile told the station.

It’s not just measles, either. Polio vaccination rates have also been dropping, especially in Seattle, where 81.4 percent of kindergarteners have been vaccinated against polio, according to the report. That’s lower than 2013 vaccination rates for 1-year-olds in many developing countries.

Some parents have hesitated over vaccines because of questions and concerns about them. Check out KUOW's full story for an interesting graphic and deeper look at vaccination rates.

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