Helicoptering does hurt, study says

‚ÄčIs it time to back off a bit? If you’re an extreme hoverer, you might want to reconsider your parenting approach, suggests a new study.

“New research by professors at Brigham Young University revealed that parental warmth cannot neutralize the consequences of helicopter parenting. Additionally, a lack of warmth makes the negative effects worse,” says a BYU release announcing the study results.

Researchers defined “helicopter parenting” as including “such over-involved habits such as solving children’s problems and making important decisions for them, while warmth was measured in terms of availability to talk and spending quality time,” says an article in Time about the study.

So, even if you’ve got Junior’s best interests at heart, the study says too much control is too much.

“Overall, stepping in and doing for a child what the child developmentally should be doing for him or herself, is negative,” said study author Larry Nelson.

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