How do I get off this hamster wheel?


Parenting can sometimes seem like a never-ending checklist — for someone else’s needs. Did they get a bath? Are they fed? Did we read enough, play enough, nap enough today? And very often, our own needs end up at the bottom of the list, if we even get to those.

A couple of recent pieces in The Washington Post remind us not to lose sight of ourselves, and offer some solutions for finding more time. They’re not aimed at parents specifically, but they provide tips that we can all use.

The Post talked with Scott Eblin, an executive coach and author of “Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative” about stopping the craziness cycle.

Eblin suggests people “come up with a one-page ‘Life GPS.’ Think about when you are at your best, in peak performance mode. What routines help you show up as your best more often than not, in the physical, spiritual, mental and relational domains?” Then he suggests finding a “killer app” in each of those realms. Read the full piece here to see what works for him.

The other piece focused on how to better manage time at work, leave it at the office and make more personal time — like for date night with your spouse. The common elements in both? How the smartphone has made us work more because we’re always on, and that one simple remedy is to really breathe.

What one thing helps you find time for yourself, even as a busy parent? Share your tips in the comments.

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