How to keep the family trains running on time

It’s often said that working moms are the most organized, efficient employees. They know they have to get the job done at a certain time each day in order to juggle parenting responsibilities. (Who wants to pay that steep penalty for late pickup at daycare?)

If you work outside the home, meetings happen at certain times, you have deadlines to turn in projects, or you have to clock in at a specific time to help customers. But how do you keep the trains running on time every day, whether or not you have a paying job? And what if you could make it all run just a little more smoothly? 

I came across this post from Jeff Haden (while walking on the treadmill before everyone got up — multitasking rules, right?) called 10 Steps to Make Each Day Exceptionally Productive. It’s aimed at business leaders, but I think it applies to our home lives, too. I especially like tips two and three: Actively block out task time, and follow a realistic to-do list. I’ve gotten to the end of too many days with not enough things crossed off, and they get rolled to the next day, and the next …. Check out the post (it’s a quick read) and see if you find any tips that work for you. It’s only Monday, but the week’s looking promising.

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