‘I’m bored!’: What are you doing for summer vacation?

Yes, it’s here. Gulp. Summer vacation. Maybe you were a great planner and have your kid booked for multiple camps, a family vacation, and a little down time just before Labor Day. Or, maybe you’re more of a seat-of-the-pants parent and are just now realizing that in a few days, you’re going to need a plan to fill a bunch of days.

Thankfully, Seattle’s Child offers plenty of great suggestions for things to do and places to go this summer. If you’re still hoping to find a learning opportunity for your young ones, check out the list of classes and camps.

If the budget’s tight, and you want to keep the learning going, don’t overlook your local public library. The King County Library System offers a summer reading program for kids of all ages, along with suggested books. The theme is Every Hero Has a Story. And the Seattle Public Library offers a Summer of Learning program with a Wild Science theme. Somewhat Simple offers a printable summer journal to encourage your kids to write.

If you’ve run out of things to do and you’re only on day four of summer vacation, you can always hunt around online for Lists of Fun Things to Do With Your Kids. I like this one (totally agree on the empty boxes suggestion), and this list — I really want to try No. 21, but haven’t found just the right space to do it.

How are you keeping your kids busy this summer? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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