In honor of working moms, paid time off


It appears that we’re starting to “get it” here when it comes to paid parental leave. The Seattle City Council last month approved giving city employees up to four weeks of paid parental leave, starting later this month.

And the King County Council recently approved 12 weeks of paid time off for new parents, expected to take effect in January. The King County executive has until Sept. 15 to submit a plan on how to implement it, along with estimated costs. Read earlier coverage here.

We still lag behind many other industrialized countries, which leaves many parents struggling to balance work and life

But is paid parental leave really that big a deal? Turns out some employers are figuring out that if they pay for moms to take time off, those women are likely to come back, and stay. And that’s good for business. Read more here in this Vox post on keeping moms in the workforce. And Happy Mother’s Day!

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