Lunchbox supplies in July? Back-to-school ads creep like Christmas

Some of you may be planners. You’ve figured out that last year’s backpack won’t hold up for another go round. You know the pencil erasers are worn, the glue has dried out without the cap (again), the yellow marker is missing. For you, the retailers are ready, shelves stocked with buy-one-get-one offers on 10-packs of markers, notebooks and glue sticks.

Our family, on the other hand, is still squeezing in a summer vacation and restocking on sunscreen (there are still ads for that, and beach chairs, thankfully).

I just can’t do back-to-school in July. It’s like Halloween before Labor Day, and Christmas before Halloween. Can’t do those either.

I can see picking up a few things on sale ahead of time, but I’ve learned a few lessons. No new shoes until just before school; they’re too tempting for a little one, and then they’re already worn when school actually rolls around. Same thing with pants — they either wear through the knees, or they’re too short a month later.

What really baffles me are the ads for lunchbox supplies. Are we really going to pick up fruit cups or lunch meat/cracker combo meals now? That’s like buying the holiday candy a full month before it arrives. It’s going to get eaten now, and retailers know you’ll be back for more when you actually need it.

For now, we’re still savoring our popsicles.

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