Pot top infraction for SPS students in the drug and alcohol category

Teenage potheads aren’t anything new, but apparently officials at Seattle Public Schools are getting better at enforcing infractions—or a lot of students are partaking. As KOMO News reports, kids are getting in trouble for pot more than for anything else in the drug and alcohol category.

The story mentions that school officials are now confiscating pot-laced edibles such as caramels. Edibles are something public health officials are concerned about because unlike other substances that kids might get into like alcohol, pot edibles look like regular treats. Indeed, since pot became legalized the number of calls that involve kids who ingested pot edibles are up in this state and in Colorado. What I would be curious to see is how those numbers stack up against other types of substances kids accidentally ingest.

Kids are able to smoke pot without the strong tell-tale skunk smell, thanks to handheld vaporizers. But in addition to the greater difficulty in detecting if your kid is smoking, experts are concerned about the stronger potency vaporizers deliver.

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