Preparing your kids for the real world


It’s June, and that means many area parents are getting ready to watch their kids cross the stage to pick up that diploma. Some have colleges picked out, and maybe they have summer jobs or internships lined up. It seems that more and more, planning for the future starts much earlier in a child’s life. For families who run their own business, that planning could mean considering if the next generation will take over the reins. 

The New York Times has an interesting look at a family that is teaching their kids about entrepreneurship from an early age. Their favorite binge-watching show is CNBC’s “Shark Tank,” in which entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors. Gayle Jagel, who founded the Young Entrepreneurs Academy in Rochester, N.Y., offers this advice on raising young company founders: “First and foremost, help your kids identify their interests and passions, not yours,” Jagel told the Times. “And don’t focus on the risks and the negatives, focus on the possible.”

That sounds like good advice for all parents, whether or not your kids plan to go into business for themselves.

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