School funding part of budget battle as session deadline looms

In case you’re wondering, the Legislature has less than two weeks to go in its regular session, and no, lawmakers still haven’t figured out a budget that would fund your kids’ schools. Remember that Supreme Court ruling that found the Legislature in contempt for not funding K-12 education? They’re still working on the budget in Olympia, and its possible Gov. Jay Inslee may have to call a special session after the April 26 deadline passes. There are multiple proposals regarding property taxes and school funding, as the Seattle Times reports.

Also under discussion is how to implement voter-approved Initiative 1351 to reduce K-12 class sizes. The Senate Democrats want to phase it in over time. Budget proposals from Inslee, the Republican-controlled Senate and the Democratic-controlled House would make it only apply to grades K-3, the Times reports. Read more about these plans here.

Earlier this week, state Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn released his budget plan to fully fund education.

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