Should foster parents be forced to get a flu shot?

A new state rule requires foster parents to get themselves and their children a flu shot. Some foster parents say they’d rather lose their licenses than be forced by the state to get the shots. The Seattle Times reports that some of the parents object because they say the flu shot is experimental and doesn’t work well for the strains of virus circulating, while others simply don’t like being told what to do by the state.

Interestingly, as columnist Danny Westneat points out, two unlikely groups support not forcing flu shots—mostly hardcore conservative state legislators and the Washington State Nurses Association.

All of this comes as measles and vaccination continues to take center stage in the news. A kindergartener at a private Christian school in Port Angeles was diagnosed last week with measles, according to Clallam County Health officials. The child was unvaccinated. She is the fifth case statewide this year.

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