The big baby gender reveal: how did you do it?


It’s been a few years since we were expectant parents-to-be. After we found out our baby’s gender (in a phone call with the doctor), we shared it with people if they asked us. Since then, we’ve seen friends post ultrasound pictures on Facebook announcing that they’re having a boy or a girl. I guess I checked out of the baby scene, because I had no idea there was this whole baby reveal partything. (Oh, and I also missed the pee on a stick” party trend.)

Even the reveal party has evolved. It’s not just about cakes with blue or pink insides, or filling a box with pink or blue helium balloons. Stores like ToysRUs even offer a reveal party planning guide (there are two types of party: one where the couple already knows the gender, and the other where it’s a surprise for everyone.) A local couple just went big — really big — with their celebration.

A friend of the parents-to-be managed to arrange to have Seattle’s Great Wheel light up with the gender-specific color, KING 5 reported.

It makes me wonder how many people are actually doing this. Does it replace the typical baby shower, or is that still a separate party? 

How did you share the news of your child’s gender? Or did you wait until delivery to find out yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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