The most parenting-friendly universities in the country

There's an unspoken belief that when you become a parent, your life is practically over. No more fun, no more aspirations, no more romance – it’s all gone. Forever. 

Thankfully, our views on parenting are starting to evolve and the hopes and dreams that some parents used to think were unattainable are within reach once again – all starting with a college education. 

The Pregnant on Campus Initiative provides an online directory of universities and the resources each university provides for its pregnant and parenting students. A few days ago, Pregnant on Campus published its annual list of the top 11 schools for pregnant and parenting students.

Topping the list is The College of St. Mary in Omaha, which has the exceptional Mothers Living and Learning program, on-campus family living suites, study areas with play areas for children and an on-campus daycare – just to name a few of the resources they provide. 

Some notable universities include Notre Dame at number five, which provides its students on-campus family housing, three breastfeeding rooms and counseling and Texas A&M University at number ten, which has a campaign to promote breastfeeding, ten breastfeeding rooms and scholarships for parents.

Gone are the days when parents had to set their personals goals aside; now we can achieve it all. 

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