This Earth Day option involves doing nothing


I like to think we’re a “green” family, raising an environmentally conscious child. Our 5-year-old reminds us to turn off lights when we leave the room, and he knows not to let the water run when we brush our teeth. He asks if something should go in the recycling bin or garbage if he isn’t sure.

But then I look at the “stuff” we own: the big bin of Hot Wheels cars, the even bigger bins of Lego sets. And that’s without looking in the closets at the grown-ups’ “stuff.” 

As we celebrate Earth Day 2015, there are plenty of ways to help out our planet. (More than 1 billion, depending on how you count.) We are leaving it to our kids, after all. The EPA offers a list of books you can read with your children. For even more reading, and a ton of ideas on how to get involved, check out the Earth’s Kids website

Here’s one tip from Earth’s Kids to focus on this Earth Day, and I can do it while just sitting here: “Don't buy things you don't really need (it'll probably end up in the garbage, and then the landfill).” So, if we skip the trip to the mall for a new toy or electronic gadget, we’re saving gas and not polluting; we’re not putting more packaging into the landfills; we’re not creating more electronic waste; and we’re not adding to the mental burden of having too much “stuff.” And yes, we’ll probably plant something, too.

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