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Bach to Rock Redmond

Map8451 164th Ave NE, Suite 120
Redmond, WA 98052
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Bach to Rock Redmond offers group and private music lessons and the best BIRTHDAY PARTIES in town!

Rock Band Party for ages 7+
Guests will feel like a rock star as they learn to play on guitar, bass, drums or keyboard, and sing! They are recorded in our studio and audio recording will be sent to guests. Ask us for our birthday song list - we have a wide selection of rock and pop gems to choose from!

Karaoke Party for ages 6+
Guest will work with a vocal instructor on learning the selected song chosen by the birthday kid. They will receive instruction in proper singing and breathing technique, then be recorded in our studio. The audio recording will be sent to guests!

Rock City Party for ages 4-6
Action packed exploration of instruments, learning simple musical rhythms and games. The kids will practice singing Happy Birthday to the birthday kid, and be recorded in our studio. Audio recording will be sent to guests!

Additional Information:

Age Range: Ages 10-18
Ages 5-9
All Ages
Under 5
Location: Eastside

Quick Facts:

How long is each type of party?

Rock Band Party is 2 hours.
Karaoke Party is 90 minutes.
Rock City Party is 90 minutes.

Is any prior musical experience required?

No! If guests already know how to play an instrument, we encourage them to try one they are not familiar with.

Will there be time for cake and presents?

There will be about 20 minutes available for cake and drinks and/or present opening.

Is there an age limit?

No! We even offer Bach on the Rocks for adult social parties. This is where guests are divided into bands, and are instructed in either guitar, bass, drums, keyboard or vocals. The bands then come back on the stage for a battle of the bands! Licensed bartenders are allowed for adult only parties if arranged by the host.

Is there parking?

Yes. There is parking out front of the school including long stay spots and two 10 minute parking spots. There is also a free Redmond Park and Ride transit parking a block away if courtyard parking is full.

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