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S is for Salmon: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet

Let's face it, most ABC books for young kids are unremarkable and mind numbing. Alphabet book words are so common most parents can recite them without cracking open the book. "A is for apple" and "B is for banana" march predictably across the pages, and parents' minds begin to wander somewhere around the "E is for elephant" mark.


But that's not the case for S is for Salmon, a new hardcover from Sasquatch Books released last week. S is for Salmon is a striking, elegant alphabet book for families in the Pacific Northwest (and beyond) that expands young readers' vocabularies and tickles the fancy of parents reading along.

Author and artist Hannah Viano created the enchanting Pacific Northwest alphabet book out of gorgeous paper-cut art. The bold artwork contrasts thick black lines with soothing colors to create an alphabet book that's distinctive and eye-catching, yet peaceful enough for reading aloud together at bedtime.

Each page features the natural life of the Pacific Northwest from A to Z. The unique illustrations are accompanied by not only the alphabet book mainstay of "A is for anemone," but also poetic descriptions that capture the interest of readers of all ages.

Toddler and preschoolers might only be interested in the letter and its matching word, but as those little listeners get older, the flowing descriptions can teach them about local flora and fauna such as bull kelp and the Cascade red fox.

And it's not just kids who might learn something new. Parents reading aloud are likely to find something of interest as well, from the names of the flowers that grow in the woods to some of the hiding places that octopi like to occupy.

S is for Salmon should quickly join the ranks of other popular souvenir books for families visiting the Seattle area, like Wheedle on the Needle or Larry Gets Lost in Seattle. It's the perfect gift if you're looking for something special to give friends and relatives visiting this rainy spring. It also makes a great baby shower gift for local parents.

Flipping through the pages will effortlessly bring back memories of a relaxing vacation to the Pacific Northwest or, in my case, motivate local parents to head outside and explore the natural life in their own backyard.

S is for Salmon: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet was released on Feb. 25 from Sasquatch Books and is available at a retail price of $16.99.

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