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Seattle Girls Choir

MapPO Box 22388
1300 E Aloha

Seattle, WA 98122
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Seattle Girls Choir provides a comprehensive and progressive choral education with an emphasis on vocal technique, musical literacy, and ensemble performance. SGC has six progressive levels of instruction for girls in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Each choir season’s rehearsals run congruent to the school year.

SGC choristers come from over 75 different schools in the Puget Sound region to acquire comprehensive musical skills which are designed for each specific age group and take place in a fun and supportive environment. The choir regularly collaborates with other Seattle area arts organizations and performs at some of the most prestigious national and international choral festivals and competitions.

For girls going into Kindergarten and 1st grade we have a prep choir called Piccolini. This non-auditioned choir provides a foundation for choral singing including vocal tone, breathing, and an introduction to pitch, rhythm, and movement.

For girls 2nd grade and older, the first step in joining the Seattle Girls Choir is to audition. Auditioning for choir is not as difficult as the term “audition” implies. Our placement auditions are a forum to get acquainted with the candidate and a parent, hear her voice, pitch matching, and determine potential placement in our program.

Yes it’s hard work. But it’s worth it. Seattle Girls Choir is where girls, ages 5-18, come to gain serious music skills, while having serious fun. The lessons learned from making great music in a group flow into the rest of life: teamwork, discipline and confidence help our girls accomplish anything they set their minds to. But also long lasting are the friendships, camaraderie and the joy that comes from achieving excellence.

Additional Information:

Age: 10 - 18 years
5 - 9 years
Type of Program: Classes
Location: Seattle – All
Seattle – Central
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