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Strengthening Families Washington 2016 Unsung Hero Kimberly Payne

2016 Unsung Hero Kimberly Payne

February 26, 2016

Honoree:  Kimberly Payne, Seattle

Nominator:  Rebecca Beard


Kimberly is the mother of a 3 year-old and a 5 year-old in the Wedgwood Coop three-to-fives class. She serves on the all-school board as Fundraiser and also serves as the class Parent Coordinator. She not only excels in both positions, but has taken over responsibilities for other parents during critical times. She has organized weekly playdates with coop families for the past three years, bringing families together and strengthening the coop community in numerous ways. Her leadership has inspired me and many other parents to volunteer in a greater capacity, and her ability to work with all types of personalities in the school has encouraged both parents and children to make connections and rely on one another. Kimberly has started her own business this year and has shown great resilience during her struggle to to balance home and work. Kimberly is always the first parent to speak up to help others in times of need; she is dependable and cheerfully so. She is also aware of her limitations and is able to call upon her strong network of friends within the coop community to help her when need be.



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