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Strengthening Families Washington 2016 Unsung Hero: LaShaunda Crocklem

2016 Unsung Hero LaShaunda Crocklem

February 18, 2016

Honoree:  LaShaunda Crocklem, Tacoma

Nominator:  Carmetrus Parker


LaShaunda is the dedicated mother of 7 children. She has countless youth that she tirelessly provides support to and manages to balance all of this while smiling and working part time at Tacoma Urban League.

LaShaunda was raised by her mother who taught her the value of family. LaShaunda's demonstration of strength and resilience despite her life challenges, is a testament to her commitment to her family and greater community. In the face of crisis or conflict, LaShaunda is wise enough to seek counsel and resources from her community of support.

LaShaunda is an unsung "shero" in every sense. She is a steadfast advocate for those in need and gives selflessly of her resources and time to all whom ask.  

February 1 Honoree: Shelly Willis

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Feb 16 Honoree: Todd Crooks


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