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Top tips for moms from MamaCon experts

Being a great mom requires so many different skills, which are often learned "on the job" of parenting. What if there was a place to go for some professional development for moms? Now there is! Seattle-based parenting experts Amy Lang, founder of Birds + Bees + Kids, and Kim Estes, founder of Savvy Parents Safe Kids, created MamaCon, a conference just for moms. Seattle's Child is a proud sponsor of this event.

MamaCon is a parenting conference, a women's conference, a girlfriend getaway and a chance for moms to relax, learn and laugh. Held Saturday, May 18, in Bellevue, you don't want to miss this chance for timeout from your juggling act. For more informations, visit www.mamacon.net.

Here are some top tips from the conference last year:

Sometimes your kid will be like a hothouse flower. The hothouse/greenhouse flower doesn't even live in the ground with other flowers. This flower requires special care and attention, just as your child might at times. Accept they are in "hothouse mode" and give them what they need. It will pass. Margit Crane, ADD Coach, Gifted With ADD.

It's hard to feel sexy when your tank is empty. A big key to feeling sexy is to take at least an hour a week just for you. This doesn't mean doing something you "should" do, like exercise, but something you want to do. Spend an hour in the bathtub reading People magazine. After gazing at pictures of hot young stars, perhaps you'll be more likely to be in the mood. Amy Johnson, Therapist and Sexual Health Expert, Diligent Joy.

When your house feels cluttered so does your mind. Stuff piles up and it hangs over our heads like storm cloud. Take 15 minutes and tackle one corner of your clutter. Clean out the junk drawer or the hall closet and get that cloud to turn into sunshine. Sara Eizen, Home Organizer and Designer, Nest Seattle.

You are the Chief Financial Officer of your household. You make the majority of the money decisions, coordinate the business that is your family and make sure everything that needs to be done gets done. It's time to embrace your role as CFO and step into your power. Shari Storm, Author, Motherhood Is The New MBA.

Technology doesn't have to take over your kid's brain. The answer to our kids' tech overwhelm is good old-fashioned connection and communication. Tightly schedule their media/tech time and add a family game night to your lives. Nita Talwar, Parenting Coach, Peak Experience Parenting.

It's important to know if your child is getting enough sleep. Your child is well rested if they don't need to be woken in the mornings (unless they're a teen!); if they don't suffer from daytime sleepiness; if they don't fall asleep when they are in the car, and if they are not too grumpy. Rebecca Michi, Children's Sleep Consultant.

Chores are a part of life. Everybody in the family does chores or "family work." Even your 2-year-old can contribute. And remember you want your kids to be able to take care of their own homes someday and it's our job to teach them how. Angela Toussaint, Author, The Momarchy - A Single Mom's Guide To Guilt Free Parenting.

Encouragement beats empty praise every time. Remember to leave out the judgments (good, great, perfect, nice). Instead ask yourself "Would I say this to a friend or neighbor?" "Am I inspiring self evaluation or dependence on the evaluation of others?" Jody McVittie, Parenting Coach, Encouraging Solutions.

This year, MamaCon will host Nikki Knepper, blogger, author and creator of the wildly popular Facebook page, Moms Who Drink And Swear at the Friday Night Kick-off. The conference ends with the comedy show, Honey, I Shrunk My Libido - A Show About Sex (Or Lack Of It)! on Saturday evening.

Both events are open to the public. Ticket info can be found at http://mamacon.net/entertainment.

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