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Seattle’s Julie Paschkis dishes on art and egg-centricities

Photo: Joe Max Emminger

 Like the protagonist of her picture book P. Zonka Lays An Egg (Peachtree Publishers), Julie Paschkis understands the transformative power of nature. Her experience as an artist and elementary school art teacher is evident in her work. We talked to Julie about her new book and the power of art.


What do you hope kids learn from P. Zonka Lays an Egg?

I want them to learn to value the eccentrics among them. I also want them to value the eccentricity within themselves. When I’m facing a problem, I often find the solution when I wander and notice the world around me, like P. Zonka. I think that’s important for anyone to do, child or adult. 


What role does art play in children’s lives? 

I feel strongly that every person can be an artist. It’s a matter of exercising those muscles. Everyone has something to say. The more ways they can say it, the better off they will be. Also, there’s art all around us. Every chair, every painting, everything made by man was designed. If you put some effort into making art, then you have a much richer understanding of the world around you.


What advice would you give parents who hope to immerse their kids in art?

Allow them a place where they can get messy and make mistakes. Also, be focused on process as well as product — so instead of “Oh, that’s perfect,” it’s more “Oh, what happens if you mix blue and yellow?”


Explore more of Julie’s art at juliepaprika.com

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