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Published November 5, 2012
Going Places

A Parent’s Review: Disney On Ice Presents Dare to Dream

by Taryn Zier
seattle child article photo
Rapunzel and Flynn in Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream.

seattle child article photo
Tiana kisses the frog in Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream.

All it takes is a dream. And some fancy lights, fireworks, princesses, sparkly dresses and action-packed fanfare. But you wouldn’t expect anything less from Disney, would you?

Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream, a charming escapade, brings some favorite Disney characters to life on the ice. The show just wrapped up in Everett and now runs through Sunday at the Kent ShoWare Center. Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and Maximus (the endearing and spirited horse from the movie Tangled) are featured, but you must wait until the end of the program to see them.

The beginning two-thirds of the show is dedicated to a couple of other princesses who have a dream. And it's plenty entertaining. The show opens (to oohs and aahs from the audience) with starry lights and a visit from the original beloved clan – Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy – who introduce each scene as it comes along.

The first is a lively number in Tiana’s hometown of New Orleans, where we learn about her dream to open a restaurant. Dare to Dream follows the movie plot lines, so your kids will be familiar with what happens next, but it is new and interesting to see it on ice. Toe-tapping songs include “Almost There” and “When We’re Human” and we get to see Tiana transform into a frog with a giant puff of smoke and fireworks. Visits from Mama Odie, Louis the alligator and Ray the firefly round out the performance.

Then we move back in time and relive Cinderella’s dream of going to the ball. We watch as the lovable mice scramble to make her dress and as her fairy godmother puts a little “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” into things. Cinderella and the prince share a tender moment in an ice skating duet, and then all craziness ensues as the clock strikes midnight.

My 6-year-old daughter brought a friend to Disney On Ice, and they both really enjoyed the show. They especially liked the hilarious antics of Cinderella’s mean stepsisters. The two throw near-miss punches and bump into each other, fall to the ground and try to smother the handsome prince in their courtly efforts. It's pretty funny.

Last but certainly not least, we get to see Rapunzel and all of her hair. She keeps us entertained by smacking Flynn with a fry pan and taming the brawlers in the tavern while singing about her dream, which is to see the lighted lanterns on her birthday.  

Another stellar scene, one of the favorites of my entire group, was the aerial act with Rapunzel and Flynn (get a sneak peek in this Disney video). The two lovebirds sail above the ice on golden ribbons for an impressive display. It even elicited an earnest “I want to do that” from my daughter.

It gets a little intense as Mother Gothel tries to force Rapunzel to stay in the tower and stabs Flynn, but if your kids are OK with this part in the movie, they’ll be fine with it on ice. At the conclusion of the act, the lanterns go up and we realize that all of the princesses have made their dreams come true.

In the finale, everyone comes out dressed in white and gold splendor and several more beloved Disney princesses make an appearance. My daughter definitely approved of this; she called each by name and closely examined their outfits (she’s quite the fashionista already).     

If you get a chance to go to Disney On Ice, I recommend bringing some cash; you'll likely get talked into buying something. At intermission, merchandisers descend on the audience. There is stuff for sale both outside and inside the arena, too. The $5 program/coloring book is the least expensive item; the toys are the most expensive. I opted for an in-between option, a snack, although even the food comes with a souvenir. We dropped $12 for cotton candy, which came with a Velcro princess crown. The sticker sequins kept my daughter happily busy the next day, which made it a worthwhile investment. 

As well, bring coats to the show. It’s not freezing, but the frostiness from the ice can permeate thin layers. Dare to Dream is appropriate for all ages, yet runs nearly two hours (with one 15-minute intermission), which may be tough for wee ones. The seats all seem to have a fine view, but the closer you are to the ice, the more likely you are to get a wave or wink from one of the characters. Or, if you are super lucky, you get to try on Cinderella’s slipper.

If you have a little princess in your brood, taking her to this show is a no-brainer. Yet it’s also grand entertainment for anybody who enjoys Disney movies.

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Where: ShoWare Center, 625 W. James St., Kent.

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