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Published April 17, 2013
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Advocate for State Food Assistance

by Jon Gould, Children's Alliance

Today, my colleagues and I are joining moms, dads and grandparents heading to Olympia one more time, to carry forward the fight for State Food Assistance. They will be brave, and speak up for their kids and their communities. You can have their back by taking action today. Speak up for a final budget that invests in kids:


Advocating to restore State Food Assistance is just one part of winning a final state budget that invests in kids, equity and opportunity.

We may be in the final stretch of the legislative session. The State Senate and the State House have passed budget proposals. Now, legislative leaders and the Governor will negotiate a final budget.

These four key priorities for kids must be in the final budget:

1.  Revenue. The House budget and the Governor's proposals choose kids over outdated tax loopholes. The Senate budget includes no new revenue. We support the House and Governor Inslee's approach.

2.  Progress toward equal benefits for State Food Assistance. The Senate budget includes an increase from 50 percent of food stamp benefits to 75 percent. The House budget makes no progress toward equal benefits. We support the Senate approach.

3.  Equal premiums for all families that count on Apple Health for Kids. Both proposed budgets restore equal monthly premium costs for Washington's kids, no matter where they were born. We support the approach in both budgets.

4.  More opportunities for our youngest learners. Both budgets make progress on early learning opportunities for our children from birth to 5. But the Senate budget makes damaging cuts to Working Connections Child Care, a key element of our early learning system and a support for working parents. We support the House approach.

Together, we have made progress for kids. Now, together, we can win a final budget that delivers positive results for Washington's children and families. By sending your message now, you support the families that are in Olympia today fighting for State Food Assistance, AND you help make sure the legislature passes a final budget that invests in our children.

Click here to take action: http://action.voices.org/site/R?i=hqEW9mI-paUVRyKldSAwlQ

Thank you for speaking up for kids.

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