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Published January 23, 2013
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An Innovative Way to Teach Kids About Science

seattle child article photo
Photo courtesy OAR Northwest.

Teachers, parents, homeschoolers: Want an innovative way to teach your children about ocean science and the adventure of exploration?

Members of OAR Northwest, based in Seattle, are rowing a four-man boat 3,569 nautical miles across the middle of the Atlantic Ocean from Dakar in Senegal, West Africa to Miami. The Africa to Americas Expedition, taken in partnership with the Canadian Wildlife Federation, is slated to launch Jan. 23 and is expected to last 60 to 80 days.

Along the way crew members are collecting myriad scientific, atmospheric and physiologic data to share with scientists and educators worldwide. Students can “virtually hop aboard for a trans-Atlantic row” through free educational curriculum at www.oarnorthwest.com (click on “Education” or e-mail education@oarnorthwest.com to register). Students can communicate with the expedition team via e-mail and web chat, as well as analyze water, environment, sleep and whale study data, and view photographs and video in real time.

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