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Published January 5, 2012
Our Schools

Seattle Times: Seattle residents give their local schools a thumbs up

From our news partners at The Seattle Times: A telephone survey conducted in November shows that local schools and Interim Superintendent Susan Enfield are much more popular than the Seattle School Board or the district's central administration. By Brian M. Rosenthal.

Seattle residents are pretty happy with the school in their neighborhood and very happy with its teachers, but they're less sure about the leaders of the city's public-school system, according to a survey released Wednesday by Seattle Public Schools.

The results also show that residents like the Seattle School Board much less than they like Interim Superintendent Susan Enfield, who unexpectedly announced last month that she wouldn't seek the top job on a permanent basis.

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Of course Seattle residents like Superintendent Susan Enfield much more than the school board. She has been a breath of fresh air, and achieved wonderful results in such a short time. The whiff from the board, however, has the stench of something decaying.

Who voted for those intellectual thugs?

Posted by Davides on Jan 12, 2012

The School Board and the Seattle times should be ashamed of themselves: this "finding" was based on questionable research and even worse reporting. If either of them bothered to read the Elway Research report with a critical eye, you would see that there is no way that a telephone sample of 500 residents in two Seattle neighborhoods accurately represent the sentiments of the district.

Posted by Anon on Jan 26, 2012

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