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Donut Cat, Donut Cat, why aren’t we eating you?

Photo: Joshua Huston


In the winter of 2012, Skye Saylor posted a photo on Facebook of a large, plush donut-shaped cat she had just finished making. Like many good donut cat stories go, interests were piqued and friends placed holiday orders for their very own Donut Cat. Skye and her now-fiancé Thomas Marnin decided to try to turn Donut Cat intrigue into a full-fledged business, and MarninSaylor was born.

In the spring of 2013, MarninSaylor expanded their repertoire to include Mini Donut Cats and began selling their plush wares locally. While handmaking these fabulous toys had been their side job, an opportunity to set up shop in Pike Place Market’s craft day stalls led them to take the big plunge. In November 2013, they began selling at the Market and were able to quit their day jobs in favor of full-time Donut Cat peddling.

You can find MarninSaylor at the Market from Friday through Monday. The rest of the week they’re busy sewing at home. Diligent workers that they are, they only allow themselves one day off every other week. Keeping a dream alive is certainly a lot of work, but we’re so glad they’re doing it because… HELLO, it’s a DONUT CAT!

Big kids, little kids, cat lovers and donut aficionados alike will agree that these toys are the perfect combination of cat and donut. Collect all the flavors — chocolate, vanilla and maple — as well as MarninSaylor’s other delicious offerings, Eclair Bears and Maple Bears. The best part? They’re good for you, they’re gluten-free and they don’t shed. marninsaylor.com

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