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Kids Helping Kids: How Your Kids Can Fundraise to Benefit Kids Experiencing Homelessness

Wellspring Family Services


We often need to be reminded that big changes can, and do, come from small beginnings. Wellspring Family Services' Kids Helping Kids campaign is one such reminder. Started in 2009 by 5 year old Rena Mateja and $506 in donated change, the annual Kids Helping Kids campaign has raised $40,000 through coins and sponsorships. Funds donated by kids are used to help support other kids whose families are experiencing homelessness.

Wellspring offers everything you’ll need to get started; collection jars can be picked up at their offices along with suggestions for how your little volunteer can begin fundraising, organized by age group. Many of these ideas not only tackle the task of fundraising, but offer ways for your kids to engage with their community in meaningful ways.

After they raise their money, kids can drop off their donations and receive an age-appropriate tour of Wellspring's site. These tours offer a great way for kids to see the impact that their small change can make. Whether they have a lemonade stand in the neighborhood, weed a garden and do other chores for neighbors, or donate their birthday money, your kids will feel good about raising money to help other kids.

For more information on the Kids Helping Kids campaign, including ways to talk to kids about homelessness, visit wellspringfs.org.

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