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Congratulations unsung hero: Allene Osborn

Seattle’s Child recognizes the wonderful, everyday heroes nominated for the Washington Unsung Hero Awards this month.


February is Parent Recognition Month. Strengthening Families Washington, of the Department of Early Learning for Washington State, believes there is no better way to recognize a parent, grandparent, foster or adoptive parent than by acknowledging the numerous and impressive things they do to strengthen their family and those around them in their community.

Seattle’s Child is proud to sponsor the Washington Unsung Hero Awards, recognizing our everyday heroes and honoring the important role caregivers play in children’s lives. There are 28 nominees for the 28 days of February, and Seattle’s Child will highlight each and every one.


Congratulations to the Unsung Hero for February 6

Allene Osborn Cheney

I would like to nominate Allene Osborn as an unsung hero as she has shown resilience as a parent and as a family; they have overcome adversity and have come out stronger as a result.

In 2011 Allene was a Master Sergeant in the Air Force working as an analyst and trainer when her then 1-year-old son became ill. Their son and his ongoing medical issues was the crux that began the change forcing her to choose between caring for her child and her career. At this point she left a successful career to move her family across the country and care for her children. She is currently a student at EWU working toward a BS in Environmental Science, showing that she is very resilient and able to overcome adversity. Allene loves her family and is interested in advocacy for her own family as well as others. She has stepped out of her comfort zone and become a member of the ECEAP policy council and then ran for office and was elected as a WSA Representative. ECEAP and the desire to promote the program, the children and their families have become a social outlet and connection for Allene and her husband, Steve. They are both very involved in the classroom and with the other parents in the program. Allene has taken the time to get to know several of the parents and has even taken them under her wing to provide support and give assistance as needed. Allene has quoted and strives to live by the words of Fred Rogers in that when something frightens her: "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

Nominator: Tricia Molloy

Singing the Praises of Our Unsung Heroes

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