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Congratulations unsung hero: Cindy Nott

Seattle’s Child recognizes the wonderful, everyday heroes nominated for the Washington Unsung Hero Awards this month.


February is Parent Recognition Month. Strengthening Families Washington, of the Department of Early Learning for Washington State, believes there is no better way to recognize a parent, grandparent, foster or adoptive parent than by acknowledging the numerous and impressive things they do to strengthen their family and those around them in their community.

Seattle’s Child is proud to sponsor the Washington Unsung Hero Awards, recognizing our everyday heroes and honoring the important role caregivers play in children’s lives. There are 28 nominees for the 28 days of February, and Seattle’s Child will highlight each and every one.


Congratulations to the Unsung Hero for February 3

Cindy Nott – McCleary

Cindy (my wife) has been in the childcare business for over 20 years. I have seen a lot of different children come and go through the doors of our house. Every one of them has connected in one way or another with my wife. She has always looked at her business as more than just taking care of children while their parents are away. She creates a relationship with each one of them as if they were her own. She never fails to go the extra mile, whether it's attending a sporting event, a play, a school activity or a dance recital, she takes her own time to be involved with the children and their families outside of her structured childcare environment. She is committed to establishing a solid foundation for education, social development and strong human values for the children she nurtures in the absence of their parents. She has gained the trust of the community and is a well-respected childcare business. She has never had a complaint or citation from the licensing agency. Simply put, she is a fantastic mother of our adult children, and our family has come to the realization that with her compassionate heart we have to share that with the children that she provides care for. I have been very fortunate to observe a person who has been so selfless and who cares so much about the success and well-being of the children in her care.

Nominator: Paul Nott

Singing the Praises of Our Unsung Heroes

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